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Pro-Cut On-Car Disc Lathe With DRO

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Pro-Cut On-Car Disc Lathe With DRO

PFM 9.2

The Pro-Cut PM9.2Dro is the world's leading on-car brake lathe, including all the excellent features of the previous PFM9.2 plus all-new Digital Readout.

This allows the operator, without measuring, to know that the rotor has been machined within the manufacturer's specifications for lateral run out.

This is the OEM-approved cure for recurring brake pedal pulsation. The new DRO feature also allows the owner of the lathe to accurately measure its performance from a financial perspective as well as from a repair perspective: data is recorded for total usage in hours and number of jobs done, average compensation time and other elements. These electronic features, together with a new easier- o-use “Speed-Lock” cutting head, make the tried and true Pro-Cut even faster, more accurate, and more profitable for your shop.

Stand not included 50-390 optional extra Stand to suit above lathe.

Ask us about adaptors for new vehicles like the Nissan Navara. There’s also a new kit available to allow you to cut rotors ‘’off-car’’ with the new Pro-Cut so that you can service ‘’walk-in’’ customers who need their discs resurfaced.

Nothing improves an old Pro-Cut machine like a new trolley. A new trolley for your machine will speed up compensation times and allow for easier movement around the shop. The new disc lock mechanism allows for much smoother rotation and more secure locking of the pivot.’